The HeatMap Indicator




The HeatMap Indicator

Stay in your trades for longer using our heatmap indicator. One of the toughest problems can be getting into a trend or staying in a trend until the end.

Our heatmap indicator looks at 4 factors which determine a trend and displays the results in an easy to read heatmap right on your charts.

Never get into a trade with no trend again

Never get out of a trend early again

This trading indicator is one which we use in our trading school to help our traders with their technical analysis.

How to trade it

If the heatmap is red then we are in a downtrend

If the heatmap is blue we are in a uptrend

If the heatmap is dark blue or dark red] the market has stalled and maybe going sideways or reversing.

Indicator feature List:

  • Simple Install

  • Easy Colours

  • Real-Time

  • Directional Movement

  • Custom Inputs

  • Custom Colours

  • Alerts

Included Customer Support:

  • Indicator Documentation

  • Dedicated Online Support

  • Support Videos

Available in the following platforms:


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