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Brand New Crypt Trading Algorithm

We are quite late to the game with our Crytop Trading Software, this is because Crypo is new, its unknown and its volatile which makes creating an algorithm tricky. The data is limited, usually I use 10 years of past data to develop the forward thinking AI which is used in the Day Trading Software and the Swing Trading Software. With this in mind I decided to use the Decision tree Machine Learning to develop this algorythm, its been very useful in the Fintech industry in spotting trends and it has not disappointed with this system. In fact I have dropped all my trading currently and I am exclusively trading Cryptos.


Now Is The Time To Trade Crypto


As I mentioned, I am late to the game. I need to study something, backtest, then forward test. So while I have dabbled in crypto I never went “all in”, recently I have been working with a company on some exciting NFT currency, its basically graphical money. I learnt some things and needed to test them. Millionaires are still being made in this unknown, volatile market, You can turn small gains to huge gains just like the Dot Com bubble did.


Join Us On A Crypto Trading Adventure

I am going to show you how to find Cryptos to trade, how to buy them, make them grow and then withdraw the funds.


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