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Our Swing Trading Software enables you to make better, faster and smarter trading decisions.

Our Swing Trading Software was the 1st system that Christopher Scott developed for his own trading. It was built using his custom algorithm and innovative features combined into a fully integrated real-time trading system. It was designed to make your trading as simple and straightforward as it can be. The Swing Trading Software is compatible with a variety of charting platforms. It also works on all time frames and all markets. It can be used as a Stock Trading System, a Forex Trading System as well as on Futures. There is not a market it doesn’t perform in. It can even be run on tick charts, momentum bars and range bars.

Our Custom Algorithm Undergoes Over 1000 Hours Of Machine Learning Before Being Released.

What is included?

Painted Bars

The Swing Trading Software automatically paints your bars or candlesticks blue or red so that you can clearly see the market trends as they start and monitor them as they continue. When a new Trigger Bar appears, marking a change in market direction, painted bars will be very obvious on the chart. So now there is no need to try and ‘second guess’ the market, you can just let the Swing Trading Software do all the hard work for you. This feature is great for trading psychology as you can see at a glance what’s happening in the market and trade what you see.


Trigger Bars (with Initial Stop)

At the heart of the Swing Trading Software is an algorithm which works in real-time. This delivers extremely accurate and vital trading signals to you. As the momentum in a given market moves from one direction to another, a turning point is created, which is instantly detected and highlighted by a small blue or red dot on your screen. These dots also act as your first stop of the trade so you have a stop loss to protect you if the trade moves the wrong way. This is the main buy/sell signal for the Swing Trading Software.



The Last thing any trader wants is to enter a trade on an overextended market with a huge stop loss. EntryZone overcomes this problem by checking the 60-minute timeframe for a pullback in the market. It’s a powerful feature.



StopTrail has been designed and built into the Swing Trading Software to take all the hassle out of calculating and re-calculating your ‘stop-losses’. It does this for you automatically, following your trades in real-time as it plots a series of small white dots for easy visual reference, indicating where you should place your stop-loss to achieve the maximum effect. StopTrail is a fantastic addition to the Swing Trading Software in that all you have to do once you’re in a trade is wait for StopTrail to alert you of your next stop placement.



ProfitLocker is a trailing stop which has been built into the Swing Trading Software for those situations where you have already achieved a nice profit. Perhaps you want to lock that profit in and minimize the chances of losing it? Perhaps you are worried about an imminent market reversal? This is where ProfitLocker comes in. ProfitLocker offers a slightly tighter stop distance, this is not what you want to be using for everyday trading but if you have reached your target but think you may get a little more then ProfitLocker can definitely keep some extra points.


Painted Averages

To help you speed up and enhance your trading decisions we have built into the Swing Trading Software three of the major Moving Averages. These are key areas most traders pay attention to. The Painted Averages change colour depending on which side of the line the price is. This provides you with a further visual indication of exactly where the price is heading. With the price above the average, the line will turn blue and with the price below the average, the line will turn red. Interestingly, as price has a natural tendency to want to return to its average, these lines can really help to influence your trading decisions.


The Squeeze

The Squeeze Indicator has handled the test of time better than any indicator. It measures the distance between the Bollinger Bands and Keltner’s Channels. This is then turned into buy and sell signals shown in the form of a coloured histogram. This indicator is used as an entry and exit indicator as well as an indicator to spot divergence. We have packaged The Sqeeze indicator with the Swing Trading Software because it compliments the system greatly giving a second confirmation to the powerful buy and sell signals produced on the main chart.



The Swing Scanner

TradeStation, NinjaTrader, eSignal and MuiltiCharts offer a fantastic feature called Scanner. It allows us to code indicators for it. You can drop the Swing Trading Software onto your Scanner and be alerted if anything changes. You will get an email if you get a Trigger Bar if Entry Zone fires or if your Stop changes, this really does take the hard work out of scanning for trades.


Simple Email Alerts

The Swing Trading Software also offers Simple Email Alerts for features such as Trigger Bars, EntryZone, StopTrail or ProfitLocker. Setting this feature up can be a hassle sometimes so we have a dedicated SMTP server set up to handle all of your alerts across all of your technical indicators and trading systems. This means you don’t need to worry about the technical side of things at all, which can often be quite complicated in this area.


Simple Trading Software


Get Free Algorithm Upgrades with your Swing Trading Software

Our custom algorithm’s are in a constant state of machine learning on our servers here in Prestige HQ, once we find variables which increase the profitability by more than 0.7% we then stregth test this with over 1000 of testing, if this shows us increased profit we package it up into an update which will be sent out to all of our customers.


We Support The Following Trading Platforms

esignal indicators
tradestation indicators
ninjatrader indicators
sharescope indicators
multicharts indicators
mt4 indicators

If you are new to trading and do not yet have a trading platform, we highly recommend NinjaTrader, its full of features, a trading simulator and great support click here to get started for FREE today.


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